Posted: September 16th, 2022

During the six years, the tuition has increased $10070.

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Plz review the ppt first. The ppt will show and teach you how to write a news story. Plz write 1000 words News story. Topic: At 2018, Boston University’s full time tuition is $50,980 per year(not including room or additional expenses). Now, the tuition is $61,050 per year (not including room or additional expenses) . During the six years, the tuition has increased $10070. Based on this, I created a survey to ask some students. What they think? ( I attached the survey result pdf ) Plz Based on all the information above write a 1000 words News story. Your News Story should include”
A summary Lede–not an introduction, but a summary of the important points, with an angle (25)
Objective voice—NO charged language, opinion, interpretation. Factual reporting (25)
Sources—quotes (full, partial, paraphrases)–High quality sources that add examples, illustrations and not just opinion (25)
Balance—different perspectives, not just one (10)
Set-up transitions to show links between quotes, indicate a new direction(10)
End with a kicker (not a conclusion) (5)
No first person, simple past tense (use said for attribution). No feels. (5)

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