Posted: September 29th, 2022

Early in chapter 6, after zakaria asks the searching question “does a liberal education make us better human beings?”

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Assignment Sheet for The Defense of a Liberal Education
After you have read Zakaria’s Defense, you are now ready to write a response to his work. Early in chapter 6, after Zakaria asks the searching question “Does a liberal education make us better human beings?” (151). Consider how Zakaria begins to answer that question in his final chapter. What methods does he use? What evidence or appeals to emotion does he rely on to finish his book?
As you consider Zakaria’s argument, then try to answer that question from your own experience of the BLA program. Does your program, the combination of your two concentrations, seek to make better human beings? In what way? By what methods or resources? How would you know if it were successful?
For this paper, please answer both questions: how Zakaria makes his argument, and how your BLA program may or may not try to answer that question. Both parts need to be rooted in specifics. That means quotation from Zakaria’s book and specific details from your concentrations. When answering the question you do not need to agree with the premise. You can argue that the question fails or that it’s even the wrong question, if you wish. The point here is to make a detailed and reasoned argument responding to the main question.
The paper should be 2-3 pages long, double-spaced, with a 12 point font. The paper needs a title (beyond the obvious “liberal education) that is creative, engaging, and relevant to your thinking.
I will use the following criteria to evaluate you work (each section is worth 2 points):
• Argument: how specific is the claim of the paper; is the claim debatable or is it offering a summary of what is already understood?
• Organization: is the paper sufficiently organized, with a clear beginning and end; does the organization advance the argument or repeat itself; is the argument developed as the paper progresses?
• Editing: is the paper edited well to present a professional and thoughtful response; has the author taken the necessary steps to make sure the writing is clear, effective, and persuasive?
• Details: does the paper make good use of details from the book and the student’s BLA prograbcim; does the analysis dig into specifics?

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