Posted: February 16th, 2022

Effective Communication is a crucial part of any successful organization.

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Student 1 (Ryan)-Hello Everyone,The topic I have decided to analyze and discuss is Communication. Effective Communication is a crucial part of any successful organization. Without good communication, errors can occur along any part of the organizations structure. While looking into how information systems have improved organizational communication, I realized truly how big of a connection communication, collaboration, and workflow all have with one another. In my opinion without proper communication, workflow and collaboration in particular will be negatively impacted.The three systems and tools that I found to be beneficial to organizational communication are Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, and Cisco WebEx (UMGC, 2021). Both Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint are also used in order to benefit an organizations collaboration, but for their communication as well (UMGC, 2021). Primarily, Cisco WebEx was an example of a communication technology provided in a course reading that allows organizations to allow individuals to interact and view each other’s desktops remotely (UMGC, 2021). Additionally, communication technology extends to even the utilization of a company email and teleconferences (Fenell, 2017).In regard to data, the data collected via information systems can be utilized to improve internal communications. Some of the ways data can be used to improve communications are as follows: coordinate communication channels in order to focus on objectives, keep track of moral within the workplace, and analyze trends in order to build a better internal communications strategy moving forward (Hartland, 2019). Ultimately, information systems can be utilized in order to enhance the efficiency and quality of communication within an organization as well as offer data in order for management to construct better strategies moving forward.References:Fenell, Z. (2017). The impact of technology on organizational communication. Bizfluent., M. (2019, July 16). 5 ways data will improve internal communications (+ 1 way internal Comms maximizes data). SnapComms | Internal Communication Software. (2021). Does IT Matter? 2(Anthony)-“Collaboration has many proven benefits, but it also comes with costs, so it must be managed and measured to be most effective.” One of those costs, research shows, is that the most helpful employees in an organization often suffer from emotional burnout, and so-called star performers may be doing little to help their colleagues (SHRM, 2022)According to Reb Rebele, a researcher at Wharton People Analytics, a strong collaborative culture is tied to increased profits and higher engagement. (SHRM, 2022) Rebele cited several studies that show the benefits of collaboration. For example, Cardiac surgeons achieved better outcomes the longer they worked with the same operating team; top-performing security analysts maintained their same level of success upon leaving a company if they kept their team intact (SHRM, 2022).Rebele offered several ideas about how organizations can quantify and encourage collaboration, including a few for example: Reward collaborators – This is something that Corning Labs does, he said. Corning has a program to recognize leaders who author lucrative patents and who also make significant contributions to projects led by others. In addition, he suggested that job descriptions include collaborative tasks related to the role (SHRM, 2022). The second example would be analyze employee communications and calendar data, this can uncover barriers to collaboration such as too many meetings or a high number of interruptions during the workday that forces workers to communicate during off hours (SHRM, 2022).Having these information systems in place will encourage more collaboration among the employees.Reference:SHRM (2022). Use Data and Analytics for Collaboration and Culture. Retrieved at: 3 (Angel)- For this week’s discussion, I have chosen workflow.Workflow is a component of business processes. Workflow management is the coordination of tasks that make up an organization’s work. The company Nike uses the Workflow process.Nike brought a company called Zodiak to accelerate digital transformation. This allows them to add data scientists and tools to improve digital and physical customer experiences. Nike has recently opened data-driven concept stores and stock inventory for local customers in that area for the style they are interested in. Nike utilizes new technology to reduce production costs and reduce the time it takes products to make their way through the supply chain. The workflow process help Nike cut costs and increase efficiency.Reference:5 businesses doing a great job at workflow. (2020, May13). Process Maker. NICA, Nora Chirita & Stefan Ionescu. (2021). Using of KPIs and Dashboard in the analysis of Nike company’s performance management.
Requirements: 200-300 words each   |   .doc file

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