Posted: September 7th, 2022

Essay Assignment #1: Rhetorical Analysis Because we have learned that everythi

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Essay Assignment #1: Rhetorical Analysis Because we have learned that everything presents an argument, for this assignment you will choose either a visual text, such as an advertisement, or a written text, such as an editorial or an essay. We will be examining texts in class, and any corporate analysis is off limits. However, you are encouraged to use one of the texts you personally have analyzed in our practice sessions. You will analyze, using examples from your chosen text, how the author uses devices such as language, appeal, content, structure, tone, style, and diction to communicate his or her argument effectively (or ineffectively, as the case may be). Note that only argument you are making is one based on the effectiveness of the chosen argument. That is, you do not have to agree or disagree with the text you choose, though it can affect you in some way. You will need to identify the exigency (reason) of the rhetorical situation and analyze the constraints as well. In short, you are analyzing the effectiveness of the argument in all its aspects. Here are the specifics: •Identify the argument. •Use specific evidence from the text to create a thesis about the argument’s effectiveness. •Analyze the aspects argumentation that the author uses to construct the device. •Use specific evidence (even from visual arguments) from the text to support your claims. •The essay should have well-defined points, developed paragraphs, and introduction, and a conclusion. •The essay itself should be about 3-5 pages in length (aim for 4). •The essay should carry a running header for each page in the right-hand corner. •The essay should be double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font. •The essay should have a header in the upper left-hand corner oEssay #1 title oName oDate oProfessor Name

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