Posted: February 24th, 2022

Estimating Activity Resources

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Choose a topic that interests you from the list of general topics provided below for this course to investigate. This will be the main topic you will focus on and research about for the rest of this course, so choose wisely.
For this week’s discussion, at a minimum, your post should provide:
A brief descriiption of the topic you chose to help the reader understand what you are talking about (assume the readers do not understand the topic).
Why did you choose this topic?
Why is it important to investigate?
What is the practical importance/implication of this topic you chose to the general project management practices?
Provide specific question/s you want to have an answer for by the end of your investigation/research.
Course topics to investigate:
1.Emerging Technologies and Scheduling
2.Estimating Project Schedule
3.Estimating Activity Durations
4.Estimating Costs
5.Sequencing Activities
6.Developing Schedules
7.Estimating Activity Resources
8.Determining Budget
9.Procuring Resources
10.Controlling Schedules
11.Controlling Costs
12.Other related topics with instructor approval

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