Posted: May 5th, 2022

Explain and evaluate one of Hasok Chang’s main arguments in Is Water H20?

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Hasok Chang, Is Water H2O?
In this essay, you must both explain and evaluate one of Hasok Chang’s main arguments in Is Water H20? ‘Main’ arguments include, among others, his arguments for:
(1) ‘Phlogiston died a premature death,’
(2) ‘Scientific enquiry should be pursued pluralistically,’ or
(3) (a substantial part o0 his view ofthe realism/anti-realism debates.
Again, these are just three examples. I f you are more interested in another main argument Chang makes, you can write on that one instead. (I recommend checking with me first, to make sure it’s not too big or too little.)
Your essay must:
a. Explain the argument of Chang’s that you chose, in your own words. This involves both (i) saying clearly and precisely what Chang’s position is (defining any jargon you use), and (ii) presenting the evidence he offers for that position, and explaining wiry it is evidence, if necessary.
b. Evaluate Chang’s argument. Is the argument you described in Part (a) a good argument? (= Does it provide sufficient evidence for its conclusion?) Why or why not? (= Are there any decisive objections to Chang’s argument?) In the course of doing (b), you must:
c. Make an original philosophical move. If you are having trouble coming up with an objection out of the blue, you can begin your evaluation by describing an objection and response(s)thatChanghimselfpresents. Ifyoudothis,youshouldthenimaginehowthe original objector should best reply to Chang’s response. You can then, if you like, present how Chang should reply to that.
In your description/ explanation of the view you are discussing, use examples to illustrate your point. You may use examples Chang presents in his text, but you will demonstrate more clearly that you fully understand the material ifyou use a new example.
Check your work against the handout ‘Hints for Writing Philosophy Papers.’
In the uploaded files contains powerpoint slides of Chang Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
An example of sample Philosophy essays to get a better understanding of the structure
Tips for writing a Philosophy paper
Other important information

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