Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Explain here how the gram stain works.

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I need a lap report wrote up for a Gram stain I have already completed. Below I’m providing the list of materials used and steps used for the precedure. After that there will be a grading rubric of what needs to be included with the lab report. I have a picture of the organism under the microscope, its needed to answer, Color, Gram reaction, Morphology and arrangment. I will find way to provide that to you, may need to send it in a email
1 culture per student
2 washed glass slides
Staining tray
Staining rack
Bibulous paper
Crystal Violet Dye (cationic dye- primary stain)
Safranin Dye (cationic dye- counterstain)
Acetone Alcohol (decolorizer)
Gram’s Iodine (mordent)
Distilled water
Slide box
Wax pencil
1. Prepare two smears from the culture as in lab exercise two. Heat fix both smears but only stain one.
2. Place one of the prepared smears on the staining rack on the staining tray.
3. Cover smear with crystal violet dye for 1 minute.
4. After 1minute, rinse smear with distilled water.
5. Cover smear with gram’s iodine for 1 minute.
6. Rinse smear with distilled water.
7. Cover smear with acetone alcohol and let stand for time frame determined on the previous gram stains.
8. Rinse smear with distilled water.
9. Cover smear with safranin dye for 1 minute.
10. After 1 minute, rinse with distilled water.
11. Place in bibulous paper and blot dry.
12. Take slide to microscope and focus under oil immersion using the procedure in lab one.
13. Determine the Gram Reaction, Morphology and Arrangement of the specimen.
14. Label the slide UGS (for Unknown Gram Stain) with wax pencil and place in slide box.
15. If gram reaction is gram variable, perform the gram stain on the second smear. If gram reaction is not, dispose of second smear in biohazard.
16. Complete results table to add to your first lab report.
Title : In a short sentence explain what the experiment was about ? W r Introduction; give a brief history of the Gram stain. what kind of stain is it? What are the dyes used in the stain. What kind of dyes are these? What is the mordant and what is the role of the mordant? What is the decolorizer and what does the decolorizer do?
What information can we get from the gram stain? morphology, arrangement and cell wall characteristics.
What is its purpose?
Why would we want to know if it is Gram positive or gram negative?
Describe the gram positive cell wall and the Gram negative cell wall.
Materials and methods
Copy from bb protocols. However read each sentence and see if you performed that step. Make edits if necessary.
Results : Table ; make sure you write the organism number down.
t Discussion: do not state the results.
Explain why you said the cell was a coccus or bacillus. Explain why you said it had a particular arrangement?
Explain here how the gram stain works. If your organism was pink, then you know that this a Gram negative organism. Explain why the cell would lose the primary stain and instead pick up r secondary stain which would give it a red or pink color.
Next explain what happens for Gram positive organism and why they stain purple and do not lose their color even when decolorized.
Conclusion : explain the importance of the Gram stain with regards to treatment of bacterial infections. Also what are some of the limitations of the Gram stain?

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