Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Explain how this model works and give an example.

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Part 1- You will read and answer questions regarding a famous article, Tragedy of the Commons, Download Tragedy of the Commons, by Garrett Hardin. 1. Provide a summary of this paper (the main points Hardin was trying to convey). 2. Does the tragedy ultimately result from greed? Why or why not?
3. This piece brings up the concept of ownership – how do you think ownership over resources affects society – essentially, who wins/loses from different systems of resource management/ownership?
4. Is there any piece of Hardin’s argument that people might find offensive? If so, what is it? 5. Do you agree or disagree with Hardin’s assessment – why or why not?
5. Can you think of any solutions to escape the tragedy? Part 2- Please watch the following short video and answer the questions based on Elinor Ostrom’s short talk.
1. Dr. Ostrom describes an economic model of resource overuse (she shows us this concept by drawing a graph). Explain how this model works and give an example. 2. What are some key features/characteristics of local groups who “own” commons (resources) together and use them in a sustainable way?
3. What is the main difference between Hardin’s and Ostrom’s conclusions? 4. This short video was made about 13 years ago. In this time we have seen population growth, consolidation of power of large corporations, and massive environmental harm on many scales. Do you think this invalidates or weakens Dr. Ostrom’s argument? Why or why not?

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