Posted: February 18th, 2022

Explain two aspects of marketing that are unique to the health care field.

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In this assignment you will write an engagement letter to your client (a health care provider of your choosing) that defines the business relationship and introduces fundamental aspects of health care marketing.
Imagine that you are a health care marketing professional and have been contracted by one of the following health care providers (choose one) to help them create a marketing plan.Choose one of the following provider types, then decide upon a specific service that they offer. Note that you will use this organization in all three of your class assignments and related activities.BusinessGoalExamples of Services(you define)Small Dental/Physician PracticeGain new patients.General services, oral surgery, orthodontics, orthopedics, pediatrics, etc.Department within a hospitalAnnounce a new service.Women’s reproductive services, outpatient dialysis, laser treatments, etc.Health Care Specialty Clinic (such as physical therapy or cosmetic services)Reach a new target market.Disabled veterans, people seeking cosmetic enhancements or occupational therapy, etc.Home Health Care ServiceExpanding services to a new area.Mobility, wound care, therapy, etc.Government or Non-Government OrganizationEducate the public on a health care topic.Mental health, HIV, domestic abuse, anti-smoking, addiction, etc.The client mentioned in their initial contact with you that they have a great service, but they need help with marketing and they want learn about marketing in the context of their business.Your first step is to respond to them with a letter of engagement that summarizes the relationship and aspects of their business to better define and enhance the mutual understanding of the relationship. It should also explain elements of marketing that are unique to health care and the 4 Ps of marketing in the context of their business.

Reflect on the scenario above, choose your provider type and service, and define their specific mission and goal. Note: you will have to be creative in writing the mission, but it should be fairly evident based upon your chosen business.
Review chapters 2–5 of your textbook. They provide excellent information on basic health care marketing to guide you, so make sure to study them carefully.
Research local health care providers that offer services similar to one of those listed in the scenario above. Study how they market their services and pay close attention to their social media presence, as you will be working on developing a social media plan in your final assignment. You should also briefly research the service they are providing so you better understand how and to whom it should be marketed.
Write a one-page letter (one-page single-spaced) to your chosen provider type and their service (feel free to create a name and any other relevant and important details to provide depth). The letter should be professionally written and formatted, and do the following:
Introduce yourself and summarize your understanding of the engagement including:
Provider name, primary goal for engaging your marketing services location or program, service, or organization, and a short description of their service.
Explain two aspects of marketing that are unique to the health care field.
Describe your role as a marketer through the lens of the 4 P’s of marketing and the context of this business.
Explain two main areas or questions that may guide your upcoming market research.

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