Posted: February 24th, 2022

Exploring motivations for brand-related social media use

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For your initial post:
1. Read the article, Introducing COBRAs: Exploring motivations for brand-related social media use. (Estimated time commitment: 1 hour)
2. Read A Marketer’s Guide to Using User-Generated Content on Social Media, which contains a number of examples of brands using UGC on social media. (Estimated time commitment: 20 minutes)
3. Recognizing (A) creation of brand-related content is the “ultimate level of online brand-related activeness” and (B) consumers trust one another more than they trust brands, find an example of a firm that has used user-generated video or images in its brand page post(s) on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or another social media platform. You may not use examples included in A Marketer’s Guide to Using User-Generated Content on Social Media.
4. Title your post: Brand Name UGC in Social Media
5. Within your post:
Use your text AND external research to formulate your thoughtful response. Write in full sentences. Cite sources like this(1) and this (2). Use language and concepts befitting your status as a business student. Include a References Section.
a. Embed (not attach!) a jpg of the post including the response tallies beneath (likes, favorites, retweets, etc).
b. Referencing your text book or other credible resources offering guidelines on how to effectively use photos and videos in social media, explain why you think the firm elected to use the UGC in a brand page post.
c. Describe consumer response – likes, favorites, shares, comments, etc – to the post, comparing it to the consumer response the firm receives when it shares content IT produces.
1. This is an example of how a numbered list of sources would look. Just provide a link to the information you sourced.
2. Another source link.
3. Another source link.
For your reply to a classmate:
Share an idea for a way the firm could leverage this consumer creation of brand-related content to get MORE consumers to create usable content that supports overall business goals. Want full credit? Cite industry or scholarly sources that support your recommendation and share a link with us. Use numbered in-text citations tied to numbered references, just as you did for your initial post.
I will use the FARM rubric to grade both your post and your reply. Your post has a maximum value of 1.5 points (1.5% of your grade). Your reply has a maximum value of 1.5 points (1.5% of your grade). To earn reply points, your must issue your initial post by the deadline. This ensures your peers have posts to which they can reply!
Fact-Based (F): Have you used specific information from the text or external research to support the assertions you are making?
Advancement (A):  Do your answer and reply move the class discussion forward by taking the discussion farther or deeper (i.e., providing new perspectives and analytical)? Make sure you’re sharing a new/unique idea.
Relevance (R): Are your answer and comment clearly related to the class modules content and/or directly respond to the question? Do you use concepts and cite sources correctly?
Masterful (M): Free of spelling and grammar errors. Adheres to formatting guidelines. Succinct yet thorough professional writing reflective of your status as a business student.

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