Posted: March 15th, 2023

Family Interview Research Paper (30%); Due 4/9 Provide an in-depth review and cr

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Family Interview Research Paper (30%); Due 4/9
Provide an in-depth review and critique on a specific family (of your choice). Your paper must be in APA Format/Style, no more than five double spaced pages, and include at least four references from peer reviewed journals. The paper should be organized using the following headings: Introduction, Family Demographics, Family Cultural Identification, Family Strengths and Challenges, and Conclusion.
IntroductionIntroduce what you are going to discuss in the paper.
Family DemographicsInclude information regarding gender identify, ages, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, neighborhood, community, structure (e.g., nuclear, extended, etc.)
Family Cultural IdentificationDiscuss how the family identifies culturally and include any subcultures that the family includes and/or identifies with (toddlers, teenagers, homeless, etc.). Include research on specific interventions related to social work practice with the family’s culture.
Family Strengths and Challenges (regarding the families identified culture)Include information on family approach to stressors such as parenting challenges, grief and loss (death, divorce, etc.), economic stressors, substance abuse, family or community violence, etc. Include research regarding any specific interventions with that population, emphasizing strengths and limitations of past efforts.
ConclusionProvide an analysis of the family that includes the following; current level of functioning, risk and resilience factors, potential social class biases the family may face and coping strategies used. If there is a family dynamic issue, make a recommendation about a service (co-parenting, substance use services, anger management, etc). Use research to support the recommendation.

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