Posted: September 16th, 2022

Five paragraphs

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You have been tasked with encouraging clients to invest in stocks by writing an article for the online newsletter recommending a stock for your clients to invest in. For the Unit 7 Discussion Board, you will write a descriptive essay about stocks; the essay should be no less than 250 words.
Post 1: Initial Response
In the introduction to your essay introduce yourself/your investment firm and the purpose of this newsletter article.
As part of the body of your essay include:
Name of the stock
Where the company headquarters are located
What kind of goods/services the company provides
Explanation (opinion) of why the stock is a good one
Opening and closing price (or current price if you are working on your essay while the market is open) for today (the day you are completing this assignment)
Stock price range over the past year
Screenshot of the day’s graph with the date showing (Google and DuckDuckGo will both show date)
Screenshot of the year’s graph (Click on 1Y at the top of the graph)
Why it’s important to focus on the big picture with stocks instead of each day’s gain/loss
Conclude your essay with a well-structured final paragraph that summarizes your investment suggestion.
Every piece of writing should have an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Name of the stock, headquarters location, goods/services company provides
Paragraph 3: Explanation of why the stock is a good investment.
Paragraph 4: Opening and closing price for today with screenshot, past year’s range with screenshot, big picture focus
Paragraph 5: Conclusion
You need to include at least one reference, not including the textbook. Your outside sources for this essay need to be cited in proper APA format. You can find numerous APA resources in the Writing Center Writing Reference Library on the Research, Citation, and Plagiarism page.
Your essay should include a highly developed purpose and viewpoint; it should also be written in Standard American English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, grammar, and mechanics. There should be no evidence of plagiarism. If you are unsure about what constitutes plagiarism, please review the plagiarism policy.
Minimum requirement for the post:
250 words
Five paragraphs
APA formatted reference

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