Posted: April 6th, 2023

For the written report: In 500-600 words your reading response must clearly pres

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For the written report: In 500-600 words your reading response must clearly present an understanding of the facilitated article. Question posed to class must be included in the report as well as some thoughts about how the question came to be. Ideas discussed in class may be included in the written document as long as they are explicitly tied to the themes of the reading and course. Points of view must be elaborated upon and you will be evaluated on how well you can express your thoughts using the ideas of the selected article. You can choose to focus on what the group facilitated and/or you can also choose to reflect on any other observation or question that arose after working in a group. It is expected that students will think critically by going beyond generalizations and opinions.
Some preparation before meeting with assigned colour group:
When reading the article, pick out what YOU think is interesting (what resonated most for you?). Keep summaries to a minimum.
Compare and contrast arguments that you have already read or heard in class, using specific authors.
Take note of new concepts or terms that seem important for understanding or elaborating upon an idea and/or critique.
Brainstorm some questions that are directly linked to the reading. Group members may have similar questions about the reading so you’ll need to consider all the member’s questions and decide on how to tie the questions together so that the group asks the class one question.
In 2018 the AGO held a photography exhibition titled “Anthropocene” by photographer Edward Burtynsky, showing pictures that highlighted the large scale of industrial impact on the environment. The project was influenced by “The Anthropocene Working Group”, a group of scientists advocating to change the name of the current epoch to “Anthropocene” in light of climate change.
A quote from the Burtynsky states “Our ambition is for the work to be revelatory, not accusatory, as we examine human influence on the Earth both on a planetary scale and in geological time. The shifting of consciousness is the beginning of change.”
How do you think Todd would respond to this quote and this exhibition?
Article: Todd, Zoe. Indigenizing the Anthropocene. Pp. 241-254 In Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environment and Epistemology. Heather Davis and Etienne Turpin, editors. Open Humanities Press, 2015.
You only need to read page 241-254. In addition, I have attached the PowerPoint of the course group work as a reference.

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