Posted: September 22nd, 2022

From there you can begin your explanations.

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Pick one of the perspectives listed below. Using the art resources listed below, select an artwork and interpret its meaning in the context of one of the six critical perspectives we studied in this unit. Try to uncover the meaning in the image you choose, then explain how your particular critical perspective supports your interpretation .
This assignment will take some focus and structure. Review the major ideas behind your critical perspective first; then you can begin the search for an image that you think fits the critical test. From there you can begin your explanations.
Art Resources
ART 21: Includes interviews with major contemporary artists, studio visits and explanations of their work
Google Images: A comprehensive search engine for images
Artcyclopedia: Good general art site, mostly image links to museums:
Mark Hardin’s Artchive: Great link with alphabetical listing of artists, mostly contemporary and historical European
Art History Links: An amazing collection of links specific to sites related to the practice of art history, many are written not visual, information Cities and Buildings Collection: Over 5000 architectural images maintained by the architecture department at the University of Washington
Web Gallery of Art Good reference for lots of art history images
Saatchi Gallery, London: Cutting edge contemporary artplus a site where any artist can post their work
The National Gallery of Art, Washington , DC: Our national art museum Seattle Art Museum Museum of Modern Art New York A treasure trove of modern art
Metropolitan Museum of ArtExtensive collection database from many cultures and time periods Islamic art collection : An extensive collection of Islamic art from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: An extensive digital collection with text information Currier Museum of Art: A smaller museum in Manchester NH with a fantastic collection, much of it online
Henry Art Gallery: The art repository of the University of Washington An extensive image database and excellent search system
National Galleries of Scotland : Extensive collection of artwork from many cultures and time periods
ARTstor: Nearly one million images here. For access to this siteplease check with your campus library or public library
CAMIO: 95,000 images of all kindsFor access to this site, please check with your campus or public library

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