Posted: September 16th, 2022

Having feelings for someone has a major impact on your sexual influences

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The prompt: What do you think are the major influences on your decision making when it comes to sex (who, when, where, what, why, and how often)? I’m not asking about the decisions you actually make but the INFLUENCES on those decisions. Is it your family, religion, friends, the media, peers, your own research, etc? You may use the examples from chapter 1 in the text or come up with your own but in a full page or more, tell me what you think are the major influences on how you make decisions about sex. Start writing below the line. NOTES Family: (who) Constantly being told to not have sex, if you get pregnant youre going to get kicked out
“She better not be” Not wanting to disappoint your family
Awkward conversations especially if you are not open with your family
Some families are very open…. Friends: (who)
Sexual activity for most people usually begins as a teen. Friends have a major impact on making the decision when to engage in sexual activity. As a teenager you are influenced most by your friends.A lot of kids don’t want to listen to your parents anymore because they are either “too grown” “their parents dont understand” or just the normal teen-parent relationship. So teens turn to their friends to talk about everything too.
If your friend is participating in sexual activity a lot of the time is makes you want to also do it. When they discuss their experience it not only makes you curious to do it but it makes you want to fit in and be able to talk about it too
Your friend did it so its okay for you to do it too
When you get to college if you have not had any sexual experience people tend to find it weird/surprising and encourage you to start. Double standard. It’s okay for men to do it but not women. Women will hold out on sex due to the judgement of their friends or other people. Men are labeled as “real men” and a “player” while a woman is labeled as a “whore”. Its not just men who label women like this, it is also women themselves. If you have a friend who believes women cannot participate in sexual activity as much as men or they are wrong for engaging it casualy it can influence you to not do it due to the opinion of someone else. Religion: (what)
Religion does tend to have a huge impact on sex Growing up in my household we were not religious so that never played a role in what influenced my decision when it came to sex Some people believe you should not have sex until your married Hedonism: (what)
Sexual value that reflects a philosophy that the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain are the ultimate values and motivation for sexual behavior
People use sex to make themselves feel better and avoid what ever it is they are running from. Sex can be seen as power. It allows them to escape and gain their power back at the same time. Before sexual interaction you may be feeling negative feelings about what ever it is you’re dealing with but during the sexual interaction you forget about everything that is going on and if the sex is good enough it will leave you feeling good after or relax you enough to calm down for a little bit. So you gain pleasure and avoidance Have to be careful because casual sex is not always good for someone. If they are running from a problem and just having sex to feel better it only burries those emotions and problems. When they are not acknowledged it can surface in a different way.
Emotional feeling: (what)
Having feelings for someone has a major impact on your sexual influences Sexual interactions are a form of showing affection, a way to connect and elevate your relationship to another level.
A break up. The saying “in order to get over someone you have to get under someone else” there is a belief that when you are in pain due to a break up the best way to let that pain go is by engaging in sexual activity with someone else to make yourself feel better… (goes back to hedonism)
When you have feelings for someone or in a relationship When casual dating women will engage in sexual activity in hopes that a man will want to begin a relationship. They see it as a way to begin a relationship
There is a belief if you tell someone no it will be the end of the night, the end of the relationship or the person will not like you and want to continue the relationship because you did not engage in sexual activites. A lot of the time women will agree to sexual activities even though they do not want to because they believe it will get the person to continue the relationship or stay. They are afraid the men will think bad of her or be mad since she said no
Fear: Getting pregnant, STD, Being judged
Guilt Social: When alcohol is involved you tend to loosen up. It causes you to interact with more people and do things you wouldn’t normally do when you’re sober. Youre freer and care less, you just want to feel good about yourself and sexual activity tend to do that. Social media: Music (rap)
Consent People abuse certain social media platform to shape how one thinks about sex The notes section is some ideas I have come up with but it does not all need to be used and add whatever you may feel that needs to be added.

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