Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Hi everyone and welcome to week 5!

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Hi everyone and welcome to week 5!
We are at the halfway point if you can believe it! This week you are going to compose the second half of your paper. This part of the paper explores the cultural and ethical perspectives of your topic. Below is a video of what to cover in this part. This paper has all of the same expectations as the previous paper. It must be written formally, have correct citations and in APA format. I have included a word document below that reviews formal writing again. You are also going to want to use, the writing studio or PAL tutors for this assignment as well. You will use the articles from assignment 4 to help you but you still have a significant amount of research to do.
Launch External Tool
Cultural and ethical perspectives of inquiry (6 page)
Origin of environmental/social injustice
Brief history
Cause(s) – will have more than one
Money, power, and control
Tactics(s) will have more than 1
Cultural values and/or norms influence the issue
Ethical obligations of the health care profession
Week 5 Template (8).docx AutoRecovery save of Cultural and Ethical Perspectives Of Inquiry – for class.asd (3)-1.docx Peer review rubric culture and Ethics-1.docx
Peer review rubric culture and Ethics-example HB-1.docx Writing style-3.docx

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