Posted: May 5th, 2022

How a company leverages social media in the workplace

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For this professional experience you will create the first three slides of your powerpoint deck due in week 6. This powerpoint will inform how social media can help an organization improve in an area such as sales, performance, culture or positive image to the public.. Your audience will be a manager who is familiar with social media but wants to learn more about how its use can help an organization reach its goals.
1. Identify a topic of how a company leverages social media in the workplace. (Do not use any other topics).
2. Develop the first three slides of your presentation.
• Develop a title slide with the name of your presentation your name and the date of submission.
• Develop an agenda slide that lists the key information you might use your body slides for week 6.
• Develop an introduction slide that provides an overview of the uses of social media and your main idea for their presentation.
3. Apply best practices for developing presentations as described in figure 12.1 process for planning preparing and rehearsing presentation in your text.
4. Apply best practices For planning presentation information is described in figure 12.2 presentation planner in your texts

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