Posted: February 19th, 2022

How can aging affect nutrition in the older adult?

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Please do all questions and answer them in its entirety: Please cite your references1. How can aging affect nutrition in the older adult?2.What are some factors that are utilized to determine caloric intake of older adults.?3. What are some basic life -sustaining needs of the older adult?4.What are some health challenges related needs of the older (aging) adult.?5.What are some laws governing Gerontological Nursing Practice?6. What are some legal risks in Gerontological Nursing7.Why are there increased Risk of Adverse Reaction as it relates to Medication Usages in the older Adult.8.What are some intervention necessary to address  threat to safety, life and well-being in the older clients. 9. What are some Impact of Aging on Environment Safety and Function.10. What are some possible Mental Health issues which Amy affect the older adult?

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