Posted: February 14th, 2022

How can leaders enable and build psychological safety in teams

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Learning Goal:

I’m working on a management multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I just need 1) a) and 3) a) by tomorrow the rest is due next week 🙂

1) Discussion post: Making Dumb Groups Smarter:a) In the “Making Dumb Groups Smarter” article, the authors discuss four problems that groups commonly encounter, which include amplifying decision-making errors (e.g., groupthink), falling into biased forms judgement (e.g., availability cascades), polarizing collective attitudes of group members (e.g., extremism), and focusing too much on what everybody already knows (e.g., the common information effect). Which one of these problems do you believe has the most potential to harm team performance? If possible, provide an example or illustration of how the problem may have surfaced in your own professional career.b) Two well thought out responses (I’ll post their discussion posts later)

2) Psychological Safety Paper:Watch the video from Amy Edmondson on the topic of psychological safety and then answer the following questions in 2-5 pages (double-spaced):a) What is psychological safety? How can leaders enable and build psychological safety in teams?b) Explain the positive benefits for psychological safety for counteracting negative group dynamics (like groupthink, the common information effect, goal asymmetry).c) When there is psychological safety, team members express their voice, and do things such as ask questions, admit mistakes, feel empowered to express dissent, and ask for help. Relate these characteristics to specific ‘team task’ or ‘team building’ roles.

3) a) A comment to “What Great Managers Do”: Two responses (I’ll post their discussion posts later)
Requirements: as stated above

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