Posted: March 2nd, 2022

.How do artists grow on Instagram?

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.How do artists grow on Instagram?You have read through some articles and watched some videos on art and Instagram (some examples will be given below). Choose one of the artists. Only one. It has to be someone in one of the articles, videos, or accounts. 1) Research how artists grow on Instagram. Tell us here what you find. This needs to be at least seven sentences and includes one citation. 2) Think about how the growth of these artists differ from those who became well known in the old-school traditional manner (before the Internet). This is your reflection and does not have to have a citation (though it can). 3) Now, on to your chosen artist. What is the artist’s message? Is it a social message? A political one? Is it made to shock, offend, or horrify, or is it made to take the viewer into another realm? This needs to be at least five sentences. This is your reflection and does not need to have a citation (though it can). 4) Find an artist who is NOT a social media sensation but an old-school artist who creates art you find similar in some way to the artist you chose. Tell us who the artist is. Give us a picture of the two pieces of art you compared. Tell us the following: – What medium each artist uses and their style. – Several similarities and several differences in their style. – Why you choose to compare these two pieces. Additional help: the assigned articles17 Digital Artists You Need to Know About
25 Best Art Influencers to Follow
Arts Viral
Arty Minds
Surry painter satirizes influencers
Artists and Influencer Culture
Requirements: given in the question

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