Posted: March 22nd, 2022

How does Uber Innovate?

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Read the case and be prepared for the class discussion. Questions to help you prepare (you report shouldn’t address these questions directly rather these serve as a guide):
Discussion Questions:
How does Uber Innovate? What is the Role of Data Science for innovation at Uber?
Why does Uber Gave so many different ways to run experiments? What are the pros and cons of each type?
Evaluate the Express development project. What did Uber do well on this project? What could have been improved?
Should Uber extend match wait times from 2 to 5 minutes?
General outline for your case report which should be done in 2 pages of text with up to 2 addition pages analysis (graph, tables, etc. that you create)
State the main problem or issue to be resolved in the case.
Provide a brief situation analysis.
Use frameworks developed in this class or other classes to analysis the problem in the case.
State your recommendations and a plan of action.

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