Posted: March 22nd, 2022

How is gender inequality viewed upon by the athlete, in comparison to the audience/fans and thirdly, from the point of view of sponsors?

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Scientific Report: My Question to be answered in this Scientific report is How is gender inequality viewed upon by the athlete, in comparison to the audience/fans and thirdly, from the point of view of sponsors? Obs! The question to be answered can be changed if necessary. However, it has to be in the same realm as the stated question above. Come to me before changing the question so that I can confirm. THE ASSIGNMENT You should create an issue of 1-2 questions or a hypothesis about things that you really want to know about the chosen subject. The template for the report’s structure is as follows: Title Page (Separate page with the title of the report, type of work, your name, school, year, and the teacher’s name.) Abstract (Separate page with a brief summary of the various parts of the report and the conclusions.) Table of Contents (Separate page with headings and page references for the readers’ conveniance to find what they are looking for in the report.) 1. Introduction (Why you write a report on this particular topic. Do not write: Because my teacher told me so.) 1.1 Purpose and Question/Hypothesis (What is the purpose of the report and what research questions to answer.) 1.2 Delimitations In this part you explain what delimitations you have experienced during research. What exactly is it that you will NOT investigate? Why this delimitation? Why have you chosen to focus on certain aspects and not others. Be transparent! 1.3 Definitions If you are using certain terminology in your paper, they need to be explained. Preferably in bulletpoints. 2. Background & earlier research What has been done before? Include useful information that is necessary in order to understand your research question/problem. 3. Theory (optional) Here you should describe the theories or theoretical tools you will use in order to analyze your result 4. Method and Material (Which methods and material have you used in order to carry out your study.) First you write a metatext to what will follow and thereafter you create your own subheadings as in 3.1, 3.2 etc. Explain how you have executed your research. Explain in detail what options you considered possible and motivate your choices. Did you make desk-based research? How did you search for information? What kind of sources did you use? Did you execute your research through field studies? Did you use personal interviews, surveys, observations? What pros and cons did your options entail? 5. Results (Reporting facts that are essentially based on the questions. Create your own headings and subheadings.). The main volume of text is concentrated in this part of your paper. You choose your own structure based on your research question/hypothesis. Add subheadings when appropriated. Stay as objective as possible, avoid opinions of your own. Use statistics, tables and try to economize with the space but still, don not lose important information. Connect the data to you research question/problem/hypothesis. 6. Analysis Analyze you results in relation to earlier research. Use (if you have) your theoretical tools on your data that is presented in results. 7. Conclusion What conclusions can be drawn from the results? Elaborate on several perspectives, but provide factual information. Refer back to your purpose with the paper. Have you been able to answer your research question, found evidence for your hypothesis? Remember, that you might not end up with an answer, however, that will still count for as a result. 7.1 End of Discussion. (Are the questions answered? Did the answers meet your expectations – any surprising findings?) Write a short introduction to this part of the paper. In this concluding part of the paper, you get the opportunity to discuss how the results you came up with can be used in practical terms. Use as many perspectives as possible. This part allows you to be more subjective. In what way, may your paper be useful to others? 7.1.1 Problems during research Did you face any problems in relation to your research? If so, how did you solve them? Or did you? 7.1.2 Suggestions for further research In relation to your work, have any new questions arisen that, due to different circumstances, could not be covered by your paper? List of References/Bibliography (Separate page with a thorough review of all literature and all material used during the survey.)

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