Posted: February 12th, 2022

How technology has changed our learning strategies?

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1Learning Goal:

I’m working on a humanities writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Topic:

How technology has changed our learning strategies? OR How blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrencies can change our financial systems? OR YOU CAN PICK A TECHNOLOGY RELATED TOPIC AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WORKING ONWrite on the above subject (two or three pages).Introduction: Explain why you chose your subject, where you found it, and why it fits the

Define the characteristics of the technology, research and report on other technologies that had to be invented prior to yours in order for it to be what it is today and focus on where it fits in the theme. Include an actual timeline. This part of the assignment should include pictures. Some use a timeline tool and put the finished product in the essay. Others create a table in the document and give dates, pictures, and defining features that way. Others build their essay to move through the various technologies as they discuss them.

Write your paper using APA format.

  1. Include pictures that are representative of the appropriate topic for the paper. Pictures
    Timeline must have at least six points (and could easily have more).
  2. Include a timeline that goes back as far as possible to where it all began.

Define the technology.

  • Define characteristics of the technology.
  • Describe how the technology came to be. You will need at least six other technologies or renditions of this technology that made it possible to be what it is today. (See timeline bullet.)
  • Use quote(s) and citation(s) from the text referencing the characteristics. Be sure to
    Use quote(s) and citation(s) from outside sources referencing the characteristics. Be
    Be sure your submission is a minimum 2 pages. This does not include a title page
    must be relevant and add to the story.
  • include page numbers as well.
    sure to cite appropriately for the source, or a reference page.
    use proper English, no abbreviations or text lingo, and proper punctuation.
    An example will be given related to the work later.
    Requirements: 2 pages at least

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