Posted: February 18th, 2022

humanistic psychology as an explanatory model in personality development.

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Readings for this session in both Allen (2016) and your UMGC module (n.d.) take you in a very different direction away from psychoanalytic thinking and into the area of humanistic psychology as an explanatory model in personality development. This force in personality moves you away from a perspective on human nature that focuses on humans needing support for growth toward an existential one that celebrates the uniqueness of the individual and the person’s inherent ability to face universal life challenges. Needs such as those proposed by Fromm for relatedness, identity, and transcendence define the human experience. Moreover, some form of “actualizing” tendency as envisioned by both Maslow and Rogers propels individuals to grow in positive ways shaped by culture. This positive perspective on human behavior helped to give rise to the popular field of “positive psychology”- a focus on what people do well rather than on dysfunctional behavior. Whether transcending or actualizing … people can, and do, move in the direction of growth and fulfillment of their potential. Such development begins in childhood as illustrated through the area of social-emotional development discussed by Thompson (2021).
Your Task
1. Main Entry:  Start a new thread, and update the topic title, identifying the post as uniquely yours (e.g., Joes thoughts on …; Research gone wild…).  Within the body of your post, clearly identify each segment of the required response in order to facilitate discussion development.
a.  Fromm, Rogers, and Maslow all discuss the nature of human needs. Select any two of these theorists and compare and contrast their views on needs as influences on personality and functioning as discussed by Allen (2016).
b. Each humanistic theorist also discusses transcendence or actualization. What do these concepts mean? Maslow believed that we must be true to our nature and use of our talents in striving toward self-actualization. How are you striving toward this goal? Be specific.
c. Discuss any point in the Thompson reading around social-emotional development that captured your interest. Explain.
2. Post Constructive Peer Feedback: In addition to posting your Main Entry, respond to at least TWO (2) of your classmates’ entries.  In four (4) or more sentences, provide constructive feedback.  Do you agree with the points presented?  Why?  Do you have some additional thoughts to share?  Share them.  When providing your feedback present the logic behind it.

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