Posted: September 23rd, 2022

I am very strict on this point.

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ESSAY TOPIC: Carefully explain the teleological argument for the existence of God. Hume raises a number of interesting objections to this argument. Do you think Hume’s objections undermine the teleological argument? (Your thesis statement should indicate whether you think Hume’s objection undermines Paley’s argument and why you hold this position.) Use this video to help with writing the essay: David Hume and the Argument from Design Instructions: Please compose a 3-5 page essay in response to essay topic. (Essays must be a minimum of three four pages, not including your works cited page. Do not turn in a 2½ page essay. This is automatically a “D”. Do not place blank lines between paragraphs to make your essay appear longer than it actually is. Essays receiving superior grades tend to be closer to five pages than to three pages.) Essays should be composed in MLA format. Note that MLA does not use a title page. Essays should have a general introductory paragraph with a thesis, body paragraphs with exposition drawing from the assigned material, a section with critical analysis in which you defend your thesis statement and a conclusion. Be mindful to include a works cited page. Your works cited page does not count toward the minimum three pages. Note that student essays earning top grades tend to me closer to five pages than to three pages. Essays must be developed within the context of the assigned reading. Do not use outside sources without getting approval from me first. I am not interested in what Wikipedia has to say about this material; I am interested in what you have to say. Note that Wikipedia is not an academic source and should never be referenced in an academic paper. Essays will be graded on clarity of expression, accuracy of exposition and quality of philosophical argumentation—that is, how well you support your thesis statement. The better the reasons you advance in support of your position, the better your grade. Do not use subjective language—e.g., “I feel” or “In my personal opinion”. Philosophy is based on facts and arguments, not feelings or opinions. Your job in the essay is to advance a position (a thesis statement) and then to give reasons in support of your position. I am very strict on this point. Here’s a suggestion for writing an introductory paragraph. Open with a topic sentence that captures the main point of the essay. Next, introduce the philosophers and their positions. Next, state your thesis. Your thesis statement is who you think is right and why. I suggest that you use section headers. For example, if I were writing on the first topic, here’s how I would organize my paper. Introduction with Thesis Statement Exposition of Anselm’s Argument Exposition of Kant’s Objection to the Ontological Argument In Defense of Anselm or In Support of Kant Conclusion You actually want to include the headers in your essay. Headers are usually placed in bold typeface. Suggestion for getting started. Students often have trouble getting started with their essays. If you are more math-science minded, here’s a formula to help you get started. Your intro paragraph consists of three elements: topic sentence, introduce the philosophers and their views, thesis statement. Formula: Topic Sentence + Introduce Philosophers + Thesis. Example: Many philosophers think reason is sufficient to prove the existence and nature of God. One of these philosophers is St. Anselm who supports the ontological argument. This argument holds that the very concept of God entails his existence—because God is the greatest conceivable being, God must have all the greater-making properties, and since existing in reality is a greater making property, God must have this property and hence God exists. Immanual Kant objects to this argument, claiming that existence isn’t a property and so existence can’t be a property that makes a God greater. In what follows I argue that Kant’s objection undermines Anselm’s argument.

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