Posted: September 22nd, 2022

I found the movie’s plot to be thrilling and i loved the use of irony throughout.

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Read or Mennel, Ch. 2, “The Dark City and Film Noir” if you have access to it. Watch woman on the run(Norman Foster, 1950) film. Respond to the following questions with short answers. Have the question number written above your answer. (#1) What specific detail in the film(s) did you find surprising or interesting and why?
(#2) What connection would you make between any element of the readings and the film(s)? You must reference a reading directly with a concept or quote, providing a page number or website, as relevant, as well as a specific scene or shot from a film—and explain the connection you see between the two.
Final: Respond in a few sentences to the following two discussion posts:
Post 1
1.) So I have actually had the pleasure of watching this film before, but I did find the location choice more interesting this time. I didn’t think much of how the urban space enhanced the film noir genre that I’ve grown to love so much. I also found the very first scene very surprsing, as the first time we see a character its Joe getting shot to death, then Film noir often incldues criminal behavior, but I just found that first scene a little shocking.
2.) One of the first details I noticed was Frank’s character, and how that fits in with the typical film noir genre character traits. Mennel explains that most male characters fit the “Blase” attitude, which is essentially a man who is “…reserved to the metropolis” (43). He is an unsuccessful painter who is seen walking alone with his dog in the very first scene, and runs away when a serious situation arises. He blends into the city, but also disappears from it. Another scene to note is when the police talk to Eleanor about Frank in their home, and the home is very spaced out a rigged. Very minimal decoration and character to it, which can prove how reserved and closed off his character is. I also started to see it as a reflection of their marriage together, which could be assicoate with the blase attitude. Instead of following the normal urban social expectations, he choses to stay to himself. Post 2 1. I really loved “Woman on the Run”. I found the movie’s plot to be thrilling and I loved the use of irony throughout. The second we as the audience realized who Leggit actually was, the story took on a completely different meaning. I also found myself rooting for his saving. I wanted Eleanor to be able to change him so that he wouldn’t try to kill Frank at the end, but to no avail. He did not change his ways. Regardless, it was very fun watching that irony unfold as well as the others.
2. Although rather sexist, I found the blog “Noirsville”, fascinating, especially the mention of women cutting their hair short. The writer of the blog, making fairly obvious that he was not extremely intelligent, due to the multiple grammar errors in his writing, states that “part of this was a reflection of many females having to join the war effort. Having long flowing locks was hazardous where machinery in factories and on farms was operated”. In the movie, Ann Sheridan, the leading lady, does have short hair, and I find it fascinating that the trend of short hair was started this early into the 20th century. I was under the great impression that women were still upheld to certain, stereotypical, “feminine” standards. Learning that the hair style was actually more for practical reasons was actually empowering to read about; the women truly did run the country while the men were off fighting. I would also like to point out that in the blog, the writer gives a completely unwarranted and uncalled for opinion on the attractiveness of this strong actress. He states that the film would have been a bigger success had Ann Sheridan kept her long hair, and he threw in there that she was more attractive with her “flowing locks” anyway. Along with this completely demeaning review, the video about the film also called Sheridan an “aging actress” which is completely untrue as she was only 35 at the making of this movie.

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