Posted: September 23rd, 2022

I hold this because i always believe people should be helping others.

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Respond to this discussion One major American value that support social welfare policies is achievement and success. This is a value that focuses on failure and not focusing on opportunities for success. Failure is very stigmatized in this value. You do not want to do this because if someone has a problem you do not want to make them feel like a failure. You need to to allow growth. You cannot grow when you’re focused on “achievement” and “success”. You need to be focused on well being and having a support system while you’re trying your hardest.
The American value that I identify closest to is humanitarian mores. I hold this because I always believe people should be helping others. If someone doesn’t have something that you have you should work towards getting them that such as shelter, food, and water. One American value i do not hold is nationalism-patriotism. The way it is explained in textbook terms is very mild. I do think it’s quite odd how Americans are so patriotic. When I’m being in America it is very much “ my way is right and everyone else is doing it wrong”. It say that other people aren’t dehumanized but I think they are.

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