Posted: September 23rd, 2022

I needed before mid night tonight

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Research online anywhere you can (, linked in,, acsm, nsca, and any other site that you can find to look at jobs in your field of interest that is posted. Your dream job J. Dream big. Look at existing companies in your area that you may want to copy or enhance. Not what you are qualified for right now, but where you want to live and what excites you.
Include: Names, Job Title/Career/Business, Date on Paper, and EXHP 101 (one paper from the group)-Cite your sources if you have them.
Get creative with this. Lots of freedom to do what excites you.
Write a 3-5 page double spaced paper that DETAILS:
the Job I chose is physical therapist in oregon
I needed before mid night tonight
include references to the job

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