Posted: September 22nd, 2022

If the community is incorporated it will have some official governing group.

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Writing a paper about a community in my area – Springfield, Fl 32401 or 32405
The first thing to do as you begin your work is to watch the video in this module. Next, review the information in the module about Community Assessment. Both of these resources will help you with your community assessment. You will be writing your findings in the format of a detailed APA paper. As you write your paper, be sure to look at the grading rubric located where the paper will be submitted so that you know how the paper will be graded.
It usually works best if you divide the sections of data collection between the two of you and share what you have found with each other. Then begin to put all of the data together and look for missing sections.
Use APA referencing as you write down your data so you do not have to try to find the source again when you are writing your paper.
Here are some pointers for the first two sections that are due FIRST.
#1 – Introduction to your community
Some of your expanded windshield survey can go in this section. You also need to identify the geographical boundaries of the community as well as include any information you can find about the history of the community. Some communities will have a written history that you can find online or in the library, but for some you may need to talk with community officials or long-time residents.
#2 – Data Collection
A. Population and Demographic statistics
1. You can look for Vital Statistics and Demographic Statistics for your community using the websites listed in the Introduction on slide 8. Comparing what you find for your community to the state and/or national statistics will help you when you begin data analysis and look for priority problem areas. Connie Head, our resource librarian, will be able to help you find the information you need.
2 – 4. Some of this information will come from your observations in the community and some will come from talking with community residents.
B. Environment
1. The description of your community is an expanded windshield survey.
2. Look at health risks that can come from the physical, built environment (pollution, traffic, noise, etc) and also health risks from the biological environment.
C. Community Systems
Describe what is available in the community for each of the systems listed. If a resource, such as a hospital is not available, how far do residents have to go to access it?
D. Community Dynamics
1. Who are the community leaders? If the community is incorporated it will have some official governing group. In all communities there are informal leaders – the ones who influence decisions. You will need to talk with community members to find some of this information.
2-3. Look for communication patterns among the people in the area. Is the community divided along racial or economic lines? Do highways or waterways divide the community and influence communication? Do certain groups of people gather in common areas?
I hope this information will help you as you begin. Please contact your instructor to ask questions about your community assessment process. Remember that each group member is responsible for doing an equal portion of the work. You will receive one group grade, but I reserve the right to make an exception to this if a group member does not participate

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