Posted: September 23rd, 2022

(ila standards 1.1, & 1.3)

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You will read watch the attached 11-minute Youtube video called “HOW TO DO RUNNING RECORDS READING ASSESSMENT” and write a one-page double-spaced chapter summary on it in APA formatting. The concepts in the video represent required basic knowledge for all reading teachers and literacy specialists. (ILA Standards 1.1, & 1.3) Youtube video link:
I am also attaching a PDF of the grading rubric that my professor provided for the summary. **As stated by my professor,
Please use the following format for all typed work: 1. Use 12 pt. font; 2. Double-space; 3. Use Times New Roman, Arial, or Sans Serif fonts ONLY; 4. Include your NAME, date, and title of assignment on all work;
5. Do not exceed the one page limit! (THIS IS AN EASY ASSIGNMENT AND MUST BE FINISHED BY 11:30 PM–No exceptions, it is due at midnight and I am swamped with other assignments!!)

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