Posted: January 19th, 2022

Implicit Association Test or IAT

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Researchers are always trying to find ways to more accurately measure prejudice and stereotyping. This is especially true for finding ways to do so that we can’t consciously control when we’re answering questions and that overcomes concerns over social desirability bias (which is a common concern with self-report measures.) In both the lecture and reading, you learned about the Implicit Association Test or IAT, which is thought to be a covert way of measuring prejudice, however there is disagreement among psychologists both about the accuracy of the IAT and whether or not the test is truly measuring prejudice or bias.Please first try taking the IAT for yourself to help in writing your discussion post, you can take different versions of the test here:

For your discussion post, write about whether or not you think the IAT is an accurate measure of prejudice and make sure to include why you’re choosing that position. (Make sure to support your argument and position, for example you can discuss what you see as the strengths of the test or weaknesses of the test to use as support for your position.) Note: Make sure to use content from the module to back up your opinion. Remember, I want to see you engaging with the course material- you can even use material from other modules when you see appropriate.
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