Posted: September 23rd, 2022

In the video below titled dance of furies by isadora duncan, the audience can see free flowing movements like swaying and hopping.

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Hopefully the previous chapter help each of you solidify your ideas regarding classical verses contemporary ballet. Many students this semester posted videos in the ballet assignment that would have been more accurately labeled just contemporary dance or modern dance without the “ballet” word attached. In addition, many students in this class came to the conclusion that contemporary ballet should be considered an entirely different genre. That’s the thing about art it’s subjective. For this reason this class is more about you forming your own opinion and understanding why you came to that conclusion. In this assignment we are going to analyze the realm of modern/contemporary dance and clear up some of the confusion that may have formed during the previous chapter.
In this assignment I would like you to post your view on modern dance, post-modern dance, dance-theater, or contemporary dance. Utilizing the modules or your textbook (chapter 6) choose a modern, post-modern, dance-theater, or contemporary dance artist to highlight. Next, find and select a video on Youtube of your chosen choreographers work to share with the class. Evaluate and write an analysis of your chosen dance performance. Please provide the dance genre(s) included in the choreographic excerpt. Again, similar to the ballet discussion, think of this assignment as a quiz; can you label your video correctly? Finally, using the Time/Space/Energy chart in Module 2-4 (The Participants) of your textbook (pages 26-35) analyze the choreography’s use of time & space. Below is what I would like to see in this discussion:
Post one Youtube video of a modern, post-modern, dance-theater, or contemporary dance number.
Include a summary (about 1-2 paragraphs or 8-16 sentences) with the posted video that communicates the name of the choreographer, what dance genre you believe the choreography represents, why you selected the video, and what elements of Time & Space were used in the creation of the work you selected. Please title/label the video (above or below) with the dance genre it represents for full credit. Select one of the following for this assignment: modern dance, post-modern dance, dance-theater, or contemporary dance.
For example: Modern Dance Example: The Soup Pot
Dance Theater: Viadd Demonstration
Contemporary Dance: Painted
(Labeling your video allows your classmates the opportunity to quickly watch the video and read a label without reading the entire post if he/she is short on time.) Please note: If you pull information from the internet to help provide historical information for your summary, please provide the resource site in the summary or below the summary. You may use research material by summarizing the ideas in your own words and listing the site location or textbook you used for the research. In other words; if the information did not come directly from your own brain you need to list where you retrieved the historical data.
Please embed the video with the summary for full credit. A link to the recourse site is not sufficient.
Please do not post an entire evening length performance. A short excerpt or variation is sufficient.
Instructor note:
Please see the below sample assignment from last semester. This student received an “A” grade. Sample Assignment:
Better known as the mother of modern dance, Isadora Duncan transformed contemporary culture and broke the chains of constraint placed onto ballet during the 19th/ early 20th century. Isadora Duncan was an American dancer, born in California, who then danced and spread her style of dance throughout Europe. Isadora developed modern dance through her belief that dance should be viewed as art, rather than mere entertainment. In addition to her opposition towards confined clothing like corsets and pointe shoes, Isadora dropped the ballet vocabulary and began to dance in a more free-spirit like form. Inspired by nature, she developed movements of swaying, running, and hopping much like trees and the ocean. She was fascinated by Greek History, which then brought to light her barefoot dance style and use of free flowing clothes. Isadora danced to music by classical composers like Beethoven, Chopin, and many others. Isadora’s new dance would soon after influence, as well as inspire many ballet choreographers down the line and the future of modern dance to come.
In the video below titled Dance of Furies by Isadora Duncan, the audience can see free flowing movements like swaying and hopping. The dancers are dressed in free flowing clothing as well, all while presenting passionate facial expressions, which further demonstrates the meaning of modern dance for it expressive style with no limitations, challenging the use of structure. In this video the elements of time used are pulse/beat as they dance in relation to the rhythm of the music. As for elements of space, the dancers move both side to side and up/down direction. For elements of energy. the dancers use repetition to enhance the movement of arms reaching towards the sky. All these elements combined help create the recipe for this modern dance. (Links to an external site.). Do not use diversion of angels, in the silence, steps in the street, hold me while you wait, falling like the stars, reflections, happier than ever, greed, take me with you, theshakers
Cite the link of the video

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