Posted: September 22nd, 2022

In this first critical thinking assignment, you will conduct your own research.

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In this first Critical Thinking Assignment, you will conduct your own research. Please answer the following questions in a 600 minimum word total response for all 6 questions. A word count is provided to guide students to include details. Citations, references, re-copying of the questions are not included in the word count. This assignment can be in paragraph form or question & answer.
Writing should be in Standard English, 12-inch, Times New Roman font, 1-inch page margins. Please submit a WORD or PDF document. Citations and references are required for any sources you use.
For APA citations, please refer to link provided on how to include citations and a reference page. Citations are where you get the information from. A helpful APA citations guide: Submissions without citations and a reference page will earn a ZERO!
Define and explain “Ban the Box” policy in your own words. Include: purpose, history, and current situation (ie: current states that have or do not have the policy.)
Find and discuss any data available about “Ban the Box” policy. (ie: how many people are incarcerated and under correctional supervision, how many people are release from jails and prisons daily/yearly, how many people with criminal records, etc..).
What is one benefit of “Ban the Box” policy? What is one challenge of “Ban the Box” policy? Define key terms: felony, misdemeanor, jail, prison, formerly incarcerated, correctional supervision, reentry, and any other important CRJ terms you use in this paper. Remember, when writing, you need to write with enough details and information like the reader has no knowledge of this topic.
Find at least one job that allows or one job that denies someone from employment because an individual was formerly incarcerated/has a criminal record. These jobs can be within the field you’re interested in working in the future or not. Again, APA citations are required.
Explain the job and application requirements.
Why do you think this job allows formerly incarcerated individuals/individuals with a criminal record work within this field?
Why do you think this job does not allow formerly incarcerated individuals/ individuals with a criminal record to work within this field?
These questions require students to research the answers on their own. A good resource for locating jobs are: or or But feel free to use any other legitimate website. No late or emailed assignments accepted, regardless of reason or excuse. Plan accordingly.

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