Posted: September 22nd, 2022

In this week’s discussion, you will analyze your teaching in light of the findings described by willis.

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Willis describes the neuroscience behind how the brain learns best and advocates for bringing joy to the learning experience. The research findings and strategies she describes have exciting implications for teachers who strive to be leaders of effective learning in the classroom. In this week’s Discussion, you will analyze your teaching in light of the findings described by Willis.
Consider the Reach, Attitude, Develop (RAD) teaching model introduced by Willis in the video program. The letters represent parts of the neural system particularly active in learning and memory: Reach (Reticular Activating System), Attitude (Amygdala), and Develop (Dopamine). Recall how Willis points out that no need exists for teachers to throw out the strategies they are currently using in the classroom to now implement RAD-friendly strategies. In fact, teachers will find, after careful examination, that many of the strategies already incorporated in their classrooms are indeed brain-friendly. The benefit of understanding brain research is that teachers can select these strategies more intentionally in order to maximize the learning experience by activating the specific structures in the brain that are conducive to learning.
Based on what you have learned about the brain and learning, bring to mind strategies that you employ in your classroom that you feel are compatible with the brain and how it learns. Alternatively, consider strategies you have used, or seen someone else use, that end up being counterproductive to how the brain learns best. As you reflect on your instructional experiences in light of what you have learned this week about the brain and learning, think about ways you can structure your instructional practices to reflect the RAD teaching model described by Willis.
Describe in detail a strategy that you use in the classroom and how you believe this strategy demonstrates RAD teaching. Please note that if someone else has already posted about a particular strategy, select a different strategy to discuss.

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