Posted: February 1st, 2022

Information on the history of the internet

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  1. Let’s see what information you prioritize . . . and why.
  2. We’ve covered a large amount of information on the history of the internet, the socio-political forces behind its development, the nuts and bolts of how the technology works, the WWW,
  3. How to establish a web presence as a non-coder, and what makes an effective website. And that’s just the surface that fits neatly in one introductory sentence. But what’s important to you?
  4. For this assignment you are going to channel Letterman and distill a large amount of information down to your Top Ten List of Internet and WWW Concepts.

1. Choose 10 terms, concepts, or ideas from this week’s material (Will Be provided BELOW) and define them in your own words. A Google followed by a copy and paste is not allowed here. This needs to be your interpretation of these ideas. Imagine that you are minding your own business in a board meeting when the chairperson startles you from your absent-minded doodling to explain a technical concept to all of the non-tech people in the room. How would you do it?

2. For each of the above 10, say why you think they are important for people to know and understand.If it was important enough to make your top 10, it’s time to show your work. Why is this term here? Does it link to other concepts? Explain your rationale.

3. For each of the above 10, include a visual representation that would help someone grasp the concept.Throughout this course we are going to look into how to establish your personal online presence. That will require the ability to link verbiage with compelling visuals. Find one image that you think would enhance an audience’s understanding of your definition. You also have freedom to create your own visuals, if you are of a highly creative bent. More important than origin is effectiveness. Make them support your argument

.4. Submit your work as a Word documentAdditionally, your submission should be:Organized and structure to facilitate reading and understanding in a readable font
Thoroughly proofread for spelling, grammar and mechanics
Appropriately cited using APA Style for all sources (especially your visuals) – remember that Word’s Reference tab will allow you to create perfect citations and bibliographies every time. If you haven’t used this function yet, here is an overview of Word References
MATERIALS: – Book attached as a pdf file below- The first order of business is to create a computer network that can transfer data efficiently: – Next, we expand that network to encompass (now) billions of devices:- Finally, we create a web of information that facilitates communication across that physical network:History of the WWW:- The World Wide Web had its origins at CERN and was the brain child of Sir Tim Berners-Lee: A Short History of the Web (Links to an external site.)- Since then it has sprawled to an enormous scope. To get an idea of how much has grown from one computer with a piece of paper taped to the side, check out the 2019 Global Internet Report from the Internet Society: Internet Society – Global Internet Report: Consolidation in the Internet EconomyWhat Does a Non-Coder Need to Know? (file attached below)
Requirements: fulfill the requirements   |   .doc file

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