Posted: February 7th, 2022

Review the Nurse Practitioner Interactive Map.

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Initial Post
To get started, review the Nurse Practitioner Interactive Map.
In your initial post,

  1. Please identify the prescriptive authority regulations in the state where you are going to practice. Are there any restrictions, supervision, or collaboration required from a physician? If so, please explain.
  2. If you will be practicing in multiple states, do the regulations in those states differ?
  3. If you are in a clinical placement, please ask your preceptors about the prescriptive regulations and if an agreement is needed.
  4. If so, ask to see a copy of the agreement so that you can review what will be required when you begin to practice. Share with one another on the discussion board what you have found.
  5. If you are precepting at more than one facility, discuss whether these agreements differ at all, what your thoughts are about any differences, and which agreements you like best.
    Reply Posts

Reply to at least one of your classmates.

  • In your reply post, compare and contrast the state regulatory requirements of the state in your initial post with a different state.
  • Discuss with your colleague rationales behind these differences and how the difference affects healthcare access, quality and cost.

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