Posted: March 15th, 2023

Introduction Employers look for both hard skills (knowledge, abilities, skillset

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Employers look for both hard skills (knowledge, abilities, skillsets) and soft skills when hiring employees. Soft skills are personal characteristics that demonstrate the ability to work well with others and communicate effectively. This assignment will assist students in identifying and describing their professional communication strengths based on the information provided in Unit 1.
Explain the importance of effective communication to your career and to the workplace.
Explain what it means to communicate as a professional in a business context.
Offer guidelines for collaborative communication and explain how to give constructive feedback
Identify three major modes of listening, describe the listening process, and explain the problem of selective listening.
Explain the importance of nonverbal communication, and identify six major categories of nonverbal expression.
Discuss the opportunities and challenges of intercultural communication.
Using the preceding categories and textbooks sections provided below, identify your professional communication strengths for each category. Prepare a list of four personal attributes for each category. Use the textbook information provided under each category to guide the development of each attribute.
Once you have developed a list of four attributes for each category, weave the attributes into a coherent and concise summary for each category. Students will use the paragraphs as a basis for career documents later in the course.
Thinking and Problem-Solving Attributes:
Communicates in an ethical manner
Uses technology tools productively
Demonstrates digital information fluency
Provides content focused feedback constructively
Thinking and Problem-Solving Summary:
I use technology tools productively. My digital information fluency is demonstrated through the effective use of resources to compile information. In a collaborative environment, I provide constructive feedback by focusing on content and outcomes. I believe that effective teaching is comprised of two necessary and related elements: knowledge of the content and ability to communicate it. Knowing the material is not enough to be effective in teaching it; likewise, communication skills won’t work alone. Thus, I take care to understand the concepts I expect to cover and to make them understandable to the students.

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