Posted: May 5th, 2022

Is feminism for everybody?

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Paper length: 5-7 pages, 12-point font, double-spaced
The theme for your paper: Is feminism for everybody?
In writing your paper, you should articulate a clear argument of your own and critically engage with authors/texts from at least two different weeks of the semester. use lecture notes as your reference point and engage with at least two other authors from the syllabus(both attached(
The paper will be assessed based on the following criteria, for a total of 40 possible points:
• Strength and development of a critical argument (12 points)
o The argument is well-developed, and substantiated with evidence from the
chosen texts
o The argument offers nuanced, in-depth analysis and engages critically with the
chosen theme and texts (i.e., it does not merely summarize the authors’
• Demonstrated knowledge of the material (12 points)
o The essay demonstrates a close reading and understanding of the texts, as well
as a strong command of the course themes covered in class
o The essay responds fully to the chosen topic
• Clarity, quality of writing (10 points)
o The argument is clearly stated
o The expression of ideas is clear
o The essay’s structure is clear and logical
• Mechanics (6 points)
o Proper grammar and punctuation, accurate word choice, and correct spelling
o Proper citations

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