Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Journal of information security and applications, 48, p.102352.

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A 2 page assessment of the readings/Video from the assigned reading list below:
Andrade, R.O. and Yoo, S.G., 2019. Cognitive security: A comprehensive study of cognitive science in cybersecurity. Journal of Information Security and Applications, 48, p.102352. (Links to an external site.) Gioe, D.V., Goodman, M.S. and Wanless, A., Rebalancing cybersecurity imperatives: patching the social layer. (Links to an external site.) Siegel, J., 2016. Meatspace is cyberspace: the Pynchonian posthuman in bleeding edge. Orbit: A Journal of American Literature, 4(2). (Links to an external site.)_=
Watch: Security Chaos Engineering • Kelly Shortridge, Aaron Rinehart & Mark Miller

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