Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Labor and Delivery in preterm labor

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Please answer the following questions based on your readings from Module 1All questions must be answered in a paragraph form for credit. Question

1.- A mother is admitted to Labor and Delivery. She is 21 weeks gestation. She hears the word viability and does not understand what that means. Please try to explain it to her in simple words.

2. A baby is weighed at 2500 grams. A. What would be the baby’s weight in pound and ounces? B. What would be the weight in kilograms? C. A dose of Gentamicin is ordered. The dose is 4.5 mg/kg every 36 hours. What would the dose be that this baby will be receiving?

3.A mother is admitted to Labor and Delivery in preterm labor. She is 27 weeks gestation based on her LMP. You are the nurse caring for the baby in the NICU. The mother would like to know how long her baby is going to be in the NICU. What is your response?

Requirements: 1-2 paragraphs   |   .doc file

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