Posted: August 15th, 2022

Learning Goal: I’m working on a algorithms & data structures question and need a

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a algorithms & data structures question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Post Project: Infrastructure and Virtualization Project
For this project you will need to complete all 5 parts listed below.
Part A. Install virtualization software on a computer and Write 1 page summary of the process.:
VirtualBox on computer. Download and install the free virtualization
software Oracle VirtualBox on your host computer (Supports Windows,
Apple, and Linux). It is also recommended that you install Guest
Additions to help the function of your guest VMs. You will also need to
bookmark the User Manual for your reference.
Part B. Analysis of Infrastructure within VirtualBox.:
1-2 page analysis of the features of VirtualBox. Analyze VirtualBox and
the User Manual to identify the virtual infrastructure provided to a
Virtual Machine (VM) to function like an actual physical machine with a
single operating system.
Part C. Create a Virtual Machine.:
and install Tiny Core PLus Linux as a virtual machine in VirtualBox.
*hint* You don’t need to create actual CD. Refer to manual.
Part D. Write a narrative describing the process of creating a virtual machine.:
with a brief description of Tiny Cory Linux. Describe the process
beginning with the download and ending with the installed virtual
machine. Please include screen captures of the process.
Part E. Write a 1-2 page evaluation of VirtualBox Networking Modes:
each networking mode provided by the VirtualBox infrastructure. Write a
1-2 page evaluation that includes descriptions of each mode using the
given scenario. Scenario: You are trying to gain access to the virtual
machine from a different computer than either a the host (computer
hosting VM) or another VM. For example: Name the Mode. Describe the
Mode. Explain why Mode XYZ would prevent or allow access to the Tiny
Core Linux VM.
Submission: Once all parts are completed, submit your work to the Post Project Dropbox

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