Posted: February 10th, 2022

Define the source of authority and particular responsibilities

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Define the source of authority and particular responsibilities of the governor, state legislature, state board of education, the state department of education,the local school board and superintendent, and the school principal.

  1. Identify and describe other groups that exercise informal influence in education.
  2. Describe and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the influence business has had upon public education.
  3. Describe the typical pattern of school funding by local, state, and federal agencies, and
  4. Explain the relationships among the local economy, tax structure, and the quality of education.
    Unit 4, Lesson 1 Assignments: Watch Carol Billing’s lecture on how schools are governed, influenced, and financed. Click HEREto watch the video. (Pay no attention to her discussion on what pages to follow. The video is intended to give you a brief overview of these topics without the need of a textbook).
    Read “The Federal Role in Education” from the U.S. Department of Education’s resource site. Access the reading HERE.
  5. Complete this lesson’s discussion board assignment. Your initial responses to the two questions are due on Thursday by 11:59pm EST, and your two peer responses are due by Sunday at 11:59pm EST. (Reminder: Each of your responses to questions can be no fewer than 150 words. Peer responses can be no fewer than 100 words each). Please note: There is only one (1) question for this lesson’s discussion. It requires you to do some research; therefore, there are not two typical questions. You still must submit two peer responses…..the question is: Research the structure of your local school system. Explain the structure of governance and specifics about who those are that govern the school system. Have there been any controversies surrounding these leaders or structures? Who has say in what? Based off of your research, can you make an inference on how much decision-making voice teachers have in your local school system? What is funding like for your local school system? :Cleveland Ohio is the place that needs to considered when doing this assignment
    Requirements: 150 words

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