Posted: January 19th, 2022

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Based on the Novel attached. Around 50 words per question Jonas has experienced through the memories.

  1. Show how extended families in the community differ from extended families in our society.
  2. Jonas tells The Giver, “I just didn’t realize there was any other way until I received that memory.” Predict how the memory of a family at Christmas will affect Jonas’s feelings about the community. Give reasons to support your answer.
  3. Jonas is amazed by the feeling of love he observes among the family members in the memory. Analyze how a family in our society would function without love between its members.
  4. Who does Jonas wish could be his grandparent? Is this possible?
  5. Any form of risk is avoided in the community. Examine the types of risk we experience in our daily lives.
  6. Explain how being proud of someone is not the same thing as loving them. Do you think Jonas’s parents understand the concept of love? Why or why not?
  7. What does Jonas admit to Gabriel? How does Jonas convey love to Gabriel?Chapter Seventeen
  8. What effect does discontinuing the pills have on Jonas?
  9. Discuss why Jonas reacts so strongly to the game played by his groupmates.
  10. Explain the statement, “he [Jonas] knew that such times had been taken from him now.”
  11. Explain what Father must do after the identical twins are born.
    Requirements: 500 words

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