Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Leguin’s The Lathe of Heaven

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.Final Paper Assignment: Leguin’s The Lathe of HeavenMinimum Length: 5 pages double spaced (Times New Roman 12 pt font)Technology is implicated in every aspect of human life: it shapes our perception, our social structures, our ability to communicate, and our beliefs about the world. In a certain sense, technology creates the world as we know it. In The Lathe of Heaven, Leguin raises serious ethical questions about creation and control, using Orr’s effective dreams as an allegory for our desire to control the world. Throughout our class readings, this theme of control has been apparent, as even the Ancient Greeks noticed that there was something daemonic about techne: it seems to exceed human control.InstructionsIn response to the essay prompt, write an analysis of Leguin’s The Lathe of Heaven using citations from any five readings from this course (see list below). For each reading you use in your paper, make sure you explain the author’s basic position, idea, or argument—for example, if you want to cite Tiles and Oberdiek’s essay, explain what the pessimistic and optimistic views of technology are, according to the authors. Exposition of the philosophical ideas is a very important requirement of this assignment, so make sure for each essay you use that you are explaining a major idea or argument from that thinker.Be sure to address all parts of the essay prompt and include the required citations—all citations must be direct quotes with page numbers to count (paraphrases do not count towards required citation total). Assume all readers are familiar with the novel and avoid plot summary! You will lose points for unnecessary plot summary. Do not number the essay prompt questions in your paper—your essay should read like a seamless whole.Essay Prompt

(1) What ethical questions does Leguin raise about our attempts to control reality using technology? Explain Haber’s and Orr’s respective positions with regard to using Orr’s effective dreams.

(2) In what ways is our control of technology limited or complicated? Is our use of technology always rational? Use examples from the novel in your discussion of these questions.

(3) Articulate, to the best of your ability, the ethical argument(s) that Leguin is implicitly making about our relationship towards technology and support your argument with evidence from the novel. What attitude towards technology do you think, after studying all our course readings, is the most ethical? How should we, as a culture, think about our relationship to technology? Choose any five of the following:Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in “Dialectic and Techne” 9-11Schadewaldt, “The Greek Concepts of Nature and Technique” 25-31Tiles and Oberdiek, “Conflicting Visions of Technology” 249- 258Marx, “Estrangement of Labor” (posted)Mumford, “Tool Users Vs. Homo Sapiens and the Megamachine” 381-388 Foucault, “Panopticism” 654-666Marcuse, “The New Forms of Control” 449-455Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” (posted)CitationsYou must cite five of the essays from the course in your paper—these citations must be direct quotes (not paraphrased) to count for credit, and include the page number whenever possible (Marx reading doesn’t have page numbers, etc). Citations should be important statements made by the author, and should be carefully chosen to strengthen your argument(s). Explain the author’s position in the context of your argument and make it clear why you are using this author/quotation.Grading Rubric15 points: Question #1 in Essay Prompt 15 points: Question #2 in Essay Prompt 20 points: Question #3 in Essay Prompt 10 points: Use of Essay Choice #110 points: Use of Essay Choice #2 10 points: Use of Essay Choice #3 10 points: Use of Essay Choice #4 10 points: Use of Essay Choice #5 100 points totalNote that the third part of the essay prompt (question #3) is worth more points than the other two questions—this should be the conclusions of your paper, and they should be substantive analysis and discussion of the ethical arguments in Leguin’s novel.Requirements: 5-6 pages Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages | .doc fileBe sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement along with a conclusionPlease be sure to only use the required sources listed No plagiarism & No Course Hero & No Chegg. My professor will be submitting the paper to TurnitinInclude at least one in-text citation for every body paragraphPlease be sure to carefully follow the instructions
Requirements: 5-6 pages Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages | .doc file   |   .doc file

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