Posted: January 19th, 2022

Let′s Make a Quotation Sandwich!

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  • Week 2 – WRITING WORKSHOP B – 1200 words

Be sure to include the author′s FULL name and FULL article title ONE time in the first paragraph. Following that, you should always refer to the author′s LAST NAME ONLY (no Mr., Mrs., Dr, etc.).
This short assignment is designed to get you thinking about the concept of THEME and how it differs from the main idea or summary of a story. The summary of a story or poem tells what the story or poem is about, or what happened. The THEME of a story or poem is what is beyond what happens; a theme is about MEANING.
Remember, a theme is NEVER one word like ″pride″ or ″greed″ or ″trust.″ A theme is always a STATEMENT about MEANING such as,
″The theme of this story is about how greed can be the cause of financial downfall.″
or ″The theme of this story is about how once trust is broken, it can never be repaired.
or ″The theme of the story is about how women have been taught to sacrifice themselves throughout history.″

  • Making a Quotation Sandwich – 275 wordsPart 1: Let′s Make a Quotation Sandwich!

The ″sandwich″ image should automatically tell you that quotations go INSIDE two slices of bread, which are sentences BEFORE AND AFTER the quotation. We NEVER use quotations at the beginning or end of a paragraph. Why? Because:

  1.  Paragraphs support your thesis, the main idea you are trying to PROVE in your paper. They will always have some lead in like:
    The author states, ″ ….″ or The author writes, ″…….″
    Quotations can NEVER stand alone in a paragraph.
  2.  In order to do this, you must INTRODUCE the quotation. To introduce a quotation, reiterate your thesis and set up the quotation. You can do this by using phrases such as,
    According to the narrator, he would risk his life for his desire to be free. He states, ″ put quotation here.″
    Requirements: 4 pages

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