Posted: January 18th, 2022

Microorganisms in water and sewage treatment plants

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How can we put microbes to work to facilitate our lives: from keeping our landscape clean to make food and beverages. Recognize the important of microorganisms in water and sewage treatment plants.

  1. Describe food microbiology, focusing on both preventative infection methods and the implication of specific microbial taxa in food preparation.
  2. Describe the employment of microorganisms in industrial microbiology.
  3. Five to seven pages summarizing various ways in which we employ microbes to our advantage (uses in food industry, waste management, health care, etc).
  4. Which of these applied microbiology fields is of interest to you and has the potential for further development in your opinion?

Three scholarly resources (not using Wikipedia) cannot be older than five years old and APA format. Title, reference and appendix.
Requirements: 5 Full Pages in APA (Excluding Cover/Reference/Appendix)

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