Posted: February 5th, 2022

 Miss Representation.

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For this assignment, you need to watch the documentary, MissRepresentation. Click here to watch the film. *This documentary came out in 2010, so the section on Hilary Clinton is from the first time she ran for president in 2008. Clearly things got even worse by the second time she ran. Once you’ve watched the film, please answer the questions below. You can also check out this website (Links to an external site.) for additional resources < (Links to an external site.)>
Write a 1-2 page reflection PAPER on the film MissRepresentation. Use the questions below as a guide…
Take a few moments to share your impressions of the film with someone sitting near you.

• What surprised you most about the film? • What, if anything, did you learn from the film?

• How much media do you (and your family) consume in a day & what is this media telling you about what it means to be a boy (man) or girl (woman)?

• What is one step you can take to change the way media portrays women and girls?

• How can we discuss issues raised in the film with the children in our lives?

• As a community what can we do to change the way women and girls are portrayed throughout our culture?

• What can businesses do to breakdown gender stereotypes in the workplace?

• What type of policy changes should we be encouraging at the state and national level?

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