Posted: January 19th, 2022

Mitigating coastal erosion

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Draft a policy memo with recommendations for mitigating coastal erosion in an area of your choice. You can use the examples from the weekly activities or another place that interests you. This memo should focus on either shoreline hardening or a living shoreline. Be sure to review the rubric prior to submission

PurposeThe goal of these writings is to convey the importance of the research covered in class and that you find on your own in a way that is compelling to stakeholders:Learning Objective(s) Addressed by This ActivityLocate, comprehend, and articulate the best available scientific information to inform your memo.

Clearly communicate the proposed change, addition, or modification, or support in favor of no change to existing policy using the best available scientific information.

Discuss these ideas with peers.
Distill this information into a 3 page (maximum, 12 pt font, 1.5 – 2 line spacing) document.


  1. Develop an approach or modification to assigned issue sea level rise resilency in Boston
    dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico coastal erosion mitigation
  2. Use the best available scientific information to inform your decision.
  3. Write the memo in a way to convey the evidence for your memo and to persuade your audience to agree with your conclusion.
    Requirements: 3 pages

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