Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Must be referenced with in-text references.

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******QUESTION CHOSE IS: What is the social and political structure portrayed here?
Answers to the questions must be
based on the material in the reading, not on the introduction to the reading, nor the textbook narrative, nor
on outside sources, nor on lecture. All statements relating to the source or map or quantitative material
must be referenced with in-text references. For example, when you are supporting a point with
information from the text or map or quantitative exercise, you need to note the internal numbered divisions
in the primary source (for example, the Biblical selections are by book, chapter, and verse; Hildegard’s
letters by title or page number; Hammurabi’s Code, by numbered laws; Phaedo, by the consecutively
numbered sections), or with the maps, the page number where the material appears, or map name. For the
quantitative exercise you need to refer to the tables. You must use the most precise reference system
available. Simply place in parentheses immediately after your statement of fact the reference to the source
or map (i. e. Ham 34 or simply 34 (you are only using the one source, so every statement of fact comes from
the Code), Gen 6:13 (more than one book of the Bible is assigned, therefore, reference must be fuller), page
56 or Nile Valley (for 1 st map exercise), Phaedo 113 or 113, etc.). It is not necessary to quote the material;
you should rephrase it in your own words. Only use quotations where the actual words are crucial or
occasionally for emphasis. Students are expected to do their own papers; no group efforts.

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