Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Must have a reference page.

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**Please answer 15 questions with short responses 1. What is business intelligence? 2. What is OLAP, and why is it often associated with visual cubes? 3. What is the advantage of using a dimensional database rather than on-the-fly processing in OLAP? 4. Why is online analytical processing usually conducted on warehoused data or dimensional databases rather than on data in transactional databases? 5. What is “drilling down”? 6. What are data-mining techniques expected to find in the huge data warehouses that they scour? 7. Explain dimensional databases and the rationale behind their name. What is their use? 8. What is knowledge, and how does it differ from other information? 9. In general, what is the purpose of knowledge management in organizations? 10. What is the purpose of employee knowledge networks? 11. What is the benefit of tools that direct employees to experts rather than to stored knowledge? 12. What is autocategorization (automatic taxonomy)? How can autocategorization software help companies to serve customers and employees? 13. Context is a major factor when using tools to glean knowledge from web sources. How so? 14. Data mining helps mainly in four ways: sequence analysis, classification, clustering, and forecasting. Data mining helps determine whether a person has committed fraud. Which of the four types of analysis help do that? Explain why. 15. The web is a huge resource from which almost any organization could derive knowledge, yet few do. What is the major challenge? Note: Repeat the question/task. Use technical writing elements and formatting. Must have a reference page. Must use a 12-inch font, double-spaced. Include Name, Course Number and section, Title of Homework Assignment, Instructor Name, and Due Date aligned right single-space.

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